Spotlight on Grapefruit Essense

Grapefruit is actually not an essential oil, but an “essence”. It’s made by basically pressing the essence out of the skins of grapefruits. It’s a top note great for blending with middle notes such as geranium, lavender and juniper berry, plus base notes such as cedar wood and rose. Used on its own in anContinue reading “Spotlight on Grapefruit Essense”

Spotlight on Cypress Oil

A deeply calming yet refreshing oil, cypress oil has a very long history of usage for healing purposes and more since ancient times. As a fragrance, this woodsy essential oil deoderizes body odor and such. A lot of men prefer this fragrance, along with sandalwood, etc. It’s also a good scent for blasting away unnecessaryContinue reading “Spotlight on Cypress Oil”

Who do you want to be?

The actual question my aromatherapy teacher asked me was, “What do you want to be remembered for after you pass away?” She wasn’t being morbid. This was after I described to her the interpersonal conflicts I was facing at work, which partly resulted from my seemingly unstoppable need to climb the career ladder, to proveContinue reading “Who do you want to be?”

Money and time in a time of corona

During the lockdown, like many people, I have found myself spending much less money. Restaurants are closed, as are shops and entertainment venues. I have been spending my free time hiking around our national parks, organizing my finances, reading, practicing aromatherapy, talking with friends on Skype and Zoom, etc. As for food, I usually cookContinue reading “Money and time in a time of corona”

Mental health during lockdown

With decreased social interaction, which many consider a rather basic human need, and the inability to go out easily, many people, including yours truly, are experiencing impact on their mental health during this pandemic. I also had some close friends who experienced depression that I supported using aromatherapy, so this blog comes from that experienceContinue reading “Mental health during lockdown”

Foot massages

It’s pretty difficult to give yourself a full back massage, but if you are reasonably flexible, a full foot massage isn’t too tough. They say that different spots on the bottom of your feet correspond to different parts of your body, so a reflexology session should actually help your entire body to detox and heal.Continue reading “Foot massages”

Slimming down with essential oils

If you’re like me, and you’re beginning to see the pounds pack on while you’re in lockdown, then this post is for you. First things first: You obviously need to control your diet and exercise to keep yourself at your ideal weight. If going outside to exercise or to the gym is now difficult forContinue reading “Slimming down with essential oils”

Pre-made essential oil blends

Just a quick post today! If you are like me and sometimes get so busy that it’s too difficult to think of a blend, but you want to use essential oils to color your life anyways, consider using a professionally pre-blended bottle of oil. Peaceful, on the left, is a super calming blend with aContinue reading “Pre-made essential oil blends”

Natural light and bio rhythm

My mother is an early bird and my father doesn’t sleep. It’s always been this way. My mother goes to bed at 8:30pm when she can, and is up before dawn. I think my dad is naturally a night owl. He loves studying finance, music, diving, interior design – basically anything and everything – atContinue reading “Natural light and bio rhythm”

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