Spotlight on Grapefruit Essense

Grapefruit is actually not an essential oil, but an “essence”. It’s made by basically pressing the essence out of the skins of grapefruits.

It’s a top note great for blending with middle notes such as geranium, lavender and juniper berry, plus base notes such as cedar wood and rose.

Used on its own in an aromatherapy burner, it’s great for uplifting one’s mood because it stimulates the release of “happiness” neurotransmitters enkephalin. It promotes communication used in a social setting, and if you have ever experienced issues with eating disorders or appetite, it helps restore balance.

As I have experienced very mild depression symptoms for many years in my life, grapefruit is something I couldn’t live without! It really sustains me in terms of mental health perspective.

It’s usually not used in full body massage because citrus essences undergo chemical changes when exposed to sunlight. However, it is good to apply around the liver (front of body) and kidney areas (back of body). Seems to help calm down inflammation and detox these areas, in my personal anecdotal experience.

I adore this scent so I use it in my night baths, but I recommend only putting a few drops in and mixing it into the bathwater well. Otherwise, the skin can get a bit irritated.

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