Spotlight on Cypress Oil

A deeply calming yet refreshing oil, cypress oil has a very long history of usage for healing purposes and more since ancient times.

As a fragrance, this woodsy essential oil deoderizes body odor and such. A lot of men prefer this fragrance, along with sandalwood, etc. It’s also a good scent for blasting away unnecessary worries and settling into read a relaxing book for the evening.

Importantly during this COVID-19 period, it’s good for the lung area. You can boil a pot of water, put 1-2 drops in, and lean your head over the pot to inhale and exhale for 15 minutes or so. I promise you’ll feel relaxed yet refreshed!

In terms of both massage and skincare, it balances out bodily fluids, getting rid of unnecessary water retention, oil in pores, etc. That’s why it’s popular with people with oily skin. I recommend a night time body massage of 2-3 drops of cypress and 2-3 drops of lavender in 10ml of a carrier oil like sweet almond. You’ll be asleep in no time, and your body will be able to let go of unnecessary water retention, etc.

You can also put 5-7 drops in a full bath and have yourself a therapeutic soak. This is also good for those suffering from hemorrhoids down there.

An easy way to use cypress oil is to put a few drops into a spray bottle filled with 100ml of distilled or mineral water. You can then spray it on your face to refresh yourself while caring for your skin, or spray your body to deodorize and perfume.

Hope you find you love cypress as much as I do!!

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JHAS Certified Aromatherapist

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