Spotlight on Vetiver

Vetiver has got to be one of the oils that has helped me out the most this year. As my bottle is just about empty, I thought to “sing” an ode to it!

Vetiver is an extremely calming oil. It helps me connect to the Earth and get grounded when my head is up in space somewhere. When I am stressed, like super stressed for a long time, vetiver makes breathing possible.

It’s great at calming anger and makes me feel hopeful, or believe in a better tomorrow. When I’ve encountered a very angry person, and my heart chakra has been damaged, I put a drop of vetiver only my heart chakra and smooth it in anti clockwise to take out the negative vibes. Seriously, vetiver has saved me on countless occasions!!

In terms of massage, vetiver is great for the lower intestines, bringing warmth and healing. It’s good for hormonal balance as well, so comes highly recommended to women experiencing menopause or other hormonal changes.

Vetiver also has a role in skincare, and goes deep inside skin layers to support aging skin or smooth out wrinkles.

Finally, if sleep is evading you, vetiver is one of the most powerful sleep enhancing essential oils out there!

Here’s my gratitude to my bottle of vetiver for all it’s done for me!!

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JHAS Certified Aromatherapist

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