Mental health during lockdown

With decreased social interaction, which many consider a rather basic human need, and the inability to go out easily, many people, including yours truly, are experiencing impact on their mental health during this pandemic.

I also had some close friends who experienced depression that I supported using aromatherapy, so this blog comes from that experience as well.

Starting from the left of the photo, geranium is great for hormonal and emotional balance. It really helps me regain my emotional stability during tough times.

Ylang ylang really helped a friend on his recovery from a bipolar depression that landed him in a hospital for two months. The soft, floral fragrance really made him feel better, so we used it a lot.

I have to be honest and say that real rose essential oil is pretty pricey. But it’s probably one of the most high impact essential oils out there. I put just a drop into a hot bath and soak for half an hour, and whatever difficulty I faced that day seems to shrink in size! Or, you can put it in a perfume pendant so you can smell it for weeks, maybe even a couple months!

Clary sage is also good for regaining emotional calm. It makes me feel warm, and is particularly effective for busting stress. I mix it with lavender for a great night’s sleep.

I have found citrus scents extremely helpful during the lockdown period. Grapefruit and orange immediately lift my mood, while lemon and lime help me refresh my mood as well as focus on my work. For the aromatherapy burner in the morning, I prefer sweet orange. Bitter orange is more of a meditative night fragrance to me. Bergamot is a great oil if you suffer from depression but cannot sleep, and I recommend it over lavender for this population.

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