Slimming down with essential oils

If you’re like me, and you’re beginning to see the pounds pack on while you’re in lockdown, then this post is for you.

First things first: You obviously need to control your diet and exercise to keep yourself at your ideal weight. If going outside to exercise or to the gym is now difficult for you, there are tons of free YouTube workouts out there that you can do from home. My favorites are Fitness Blender, HASfit and Team Body Project. In terms of diet, I try (though don’t always succeed) to eat more calories for breakfast than for lunch, and more calories for lunch than for dinner. Eat a good balance of protein, fat and carbs, but limit your intake of calories overall. Definitely eat enough veggies and fruits. Enough said for an aromatherapy blog! On to the role of essential oils in slimming down…

Step 1: Take baths with essential oils that help you slim down. In the photo above, lemongrass is good for people with “too much” muscle. Rosemary CT1 is great if you have too much fat tissue. Juniper berry and sage are great if you have too much water retention. Keep in mind that all of these essential oils, with the exception of juniper, are stimulating oils, so you probably don’t want to bathe with them at night. Juniper is fine to use (perhaps mixed with lavender) at night. Just put 3-8 drops in your bath, mix the drops into the bath water, and sit in the bath for 15-20 minutes while inhaling and exhaling slowly and deeply.

Step 2: Give yourself a massage. Mix about 25 drops of essential oils into 50 ml of a carrier oil like sweet almond oil. You can vary the ratios of which essential oils you use according to your needs (muscle, fat, water). By the way, lemon eucalyptus is another good slimming oil that I’ve put in the photo below. Pour a little of the mixture into your palm, heat it with both palms while thanking the oils and even yourself. Rub it rhythmically into the areas you are trying to target (abdomen, back, etc.). If you have a smooth crystal whose energy you’ve cleared like in the below image, you can use it to massage yourself. The crystal in the image below is jade, which is great for body massages or even facials.

Step 3: Use essential oils to control your appetite. In the image above is peppermint, which is a great appetite suppressant. It’s a stimulating oil, so use it during the daytime. Grapefruit balances the appetite. So if you aren’t eating enough, it will put you in the mood to eat more. If you are eating too much, then it will suppress your appetite.

Have a beautiful and slimming day!

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