Foot massages

It’s pretty difficult to give yourself a full back massage, but if you are reasonably flexible, a full foot massage isn’t too tough. They say that different spots on the bottom of your feet correspond to different parts of your body, so a reflexology session should actually help your entire body to detox and heal. Try it at home if you have a chance!

If I am feeling lazy, I just take a teaspoon or so of a carrier oil like sweet almond oil (great for body massages and reflexology but not facials), and drop in 1-2 drops if essential oil. Lavender, juniper and rosemary are all good for internal organs, which you can stimulate with a foot massage. You can use those essential oils on their own with the carrier oil, or mix lavender with juniper, or juniper with rosemary. You can mix lavender with rosemary, but the fragrance that results might be a little curious.

Put the mixture on your foot, including the top, sides and bottom, and slowly massage in. You can press pretty hard into the bottom of your feet to really get those energy spots.

If you like crystals, you can try a massage stick, egg-type or sphere. Personally, I find the massage stick and egg-type a lot easier to use for most body massages. Jade and clear quartz both work great, though I prefer jade for my feet.

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