Pre-made essential oil blends

Just a quick post today!

If you are like me and sometimes get so busy that it’s too difficult to think of a blend, but you want to use essential oils to color your life anyways, consider using a professionally pre-blended bottle of oil.

Peaceful, on the left, is a super calming blend with a lavender base. I use it before I climb into bed after a long and stressful day.

Meditation helps me centre myself after a day in which I encountered a lot of different energies dissimilar to my own. This blend helps me find myself again.

Slimming is great for a self-massage and body contouring using the lymphatic system.

I love Circulation to take care of tired muscles or as a balanced day time fragrance in my aromatherapy burner.

Hope my post helps you consider ways to “cheat time” but still live a great fragrance-filled life!

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JHAS Certified Aromatherapist

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