Natural light and bio rhythm

My mother is an early bird and my father doesn’t sleep. It’s always been this way. My mother goes to bed at 8:30pm when she can, and is up before dawn. I think my dad is naturally a night owl. He loves studying finance, music, diving, interior design – basically anything and everything – at night. But because of his work, I guess, he also wakes up around 6am.

I am not sure if different people have different bio rhythms, but what I find is that if I live WITH the seasons and changes in light throughout the day, rather than AGAINST these, I seem to function a lot better.

The photo at the top of this post is of sunrise, which is when I generally wake up. Here is a photo of a beautiful sunset near me:

They say that morning sunlight makes your heart, your emotional resilience, stronger. In the evening, I bathe in the light of the sunset and I feel my soul cool down… Sunset is when I can most naturally send a certain kind of energy to the world…

May this world be enveloped in light… May the souls living here remember who they are… May they remember love…. And may I…

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