Henna and essential oils

If you’re like me and want to add a slight pop of colour to your dark hair while hiding those greys, but don’t like using too many chemicals, consider dying your hair with a mixture of henna and essential oils!

First, mix some natural henna powder with warm water, a squeeze of lemon (so the mixture oxidizes), and essential oils of your choice.

If you have short hair, just use 1-3 drops in the small batch you create. If you have shoulder length hair, use 3-5 drops. If you have long hair, use 5-7 drops.

I would suggest trying lavender, which is great for any type of hair and promotes healthy growth, geranium, which repairs damaged hair, or wild sage, which prevents hair from going grey. You can mix these, too! Lavender goes well with geranium. You can try geranium and sage, which results in a unique and strong fragrance. Personally, I wouldn’t mix sage and lavender for the fragrance, though maybe for the physical effect on my hair.

Mix enough henna powder into the mixture that the final texture is yogurt-like. Cover the mixture and let it sit overnight.

In the morning, take a dab of sweet almond oil or other heavy oil and protect your hairline skin from getting dyed. You just need to smooth the oil around your hairline, all the way around your head.

Put on a pair of thin plastic gloves, and spread the henna around evenly. I have shoulder length hair, so I start by taking a bunch of hair at the top of my head, smoothing the henna mixture into it, then coiling it at the top of my head. I work my way outwards from the top of my head, repeatedly coiling and coiling around what looks like a bun at the top of my head.

When all my hair is coiled, I keep it in place with a hair tie, then seal my hair with a plastic shower cap.

Next, just chill for at least half a day. You can clean the house, cook. Or do some work: It’s up to you!

Once the henna and essential oils have done their magic, you can rinse the due off with water.

I usually condition my hair after it is washed, then massage in some argan oil with sandalwood or lavender to remoisturize my hair, as henna is quite drying.

Try not to shampoo your hair, if possible, for at least 24 hrs after you have finished the dying process.

Voila! You have beautiful hair for the next few weeks (when the color usually fades).

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