Essential oils for men

As I tend to write this blog from the perspective of a woman, I thought I should at least have one post catered toward men. To be clear, men can use any of the oils I write about in this blog. I really cannot think of an essential oil that I have heard of, that men cannot use. Nature doesn’t discriminate between genders! However, in general, I would say that floral essential oils are more commonly used by women, and that woodsy essential oils are probably especially preferred by men. As I only personal know less than 10 male aromatherapists, and my interaction with them is on a surface-level, I cannot speak with strong authority on what kinds of essential oils men like.

But here is what I have sensed in the past 17 years as an aromatherapist. In writing about the essential oils in the photo, I’ll start from the left and move to the right.

  1. Juniper

This essential oil is great for clearing or preventing negative energy. With this fragrance in the air, it’s difficult to think unnecessary negative thoughts or to get negative energy from other people or places. In terms of massage, it’s great for liver support (again, clearing powers) and the stomach. If you have some excess water weight that you’d like to lose, put 5-8 drops of juniper in your bath (or blend it with rosemary CT1, which is good for tackling extra fat). Don’t use it too much if you have any kidney ailments, though.

2. Lavender

Lavender can almost be used for anything! It’s that must-have oil that comes in handy for laundry, blending with other oils, skin and hair care, internal organ care, healing wounds and burns, promoting relaxation and sleep, cooling down emotions, etc. It’s such a practical multi-purpose oil, and my aromatherapy teacher’s husband loves it….

3. Cypress

The fragrance of cypress reminds me of that of some of the men’s colognes that are sold commercially. It has a very relaxing, woodsy fragrance that is slightly bitter. It’s great for masking body odour. In terms of skin care, it’s good for oily skin, and helps skin look more firm.

4. Vetiver

This is another oil with a deeper fragrance. It’s a very unique smell, so you can just blend a little into other oils (perhaps with cypress), or perhaps use it at home if you want to use it at “full volume” so that you don’t impact others who might not like vetiver. I believe this oil is great for the base chakra. It’ll help you connect to the Earth and stay grounded, especially in times of uncertainty and great change, like this year.

5. Sandalwood

This is another highly highly calming oil that helps get rid of stress. It lasts the whole day, so some people dab a little onto their wrists and behind their lower ears to carry fragrance with them throughout the work day. It’s very effective for meditation and finding emotional balance. It helps people remember strength and courage. In terms of skin care, it’s great for dry skin.

6. Rosemary

Rosemary has about a million uses, too. It’s great to keep in the oil burner during this corona period, and I use it when I get a cold or flu. The fragrance promotes focus and improves memory. Put it in your bath if you are looking to lose those love handles. Put it in your shampoo as it will make your hair grow. Put it in your massage oil to strengthen your stomach, intestines, liver, etc. It provides some pain relief if you’re having a stomach ache, have twisted your ankle, etc. as well. Basically, rosemary is another must-have oil!

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