How to make an aromatherapy pendant

Want to take the wonderful fragrance of essential oils with you wherever you go? Make a necklace with a pendant head that is a small vial of essential oils!

Step 1: Get a pendant head and string. I recommend something made out of glass. Many necklace making sets come with a metal chain, like the above. However, my aromatherapy teacher told me that essential oils and metals don’t always go together so well. In the past, I have used thick strings made of cloth because of this.

Step 2: Get a small glass beaker and tube. Apologies that I am not sure what the tube is called in English as I took aromatherapy classes in Japanese. Basically, it’s a device used to move small amounts of liquid from one place to another. Apologies also that I broke my beaker! In the photo above is the cap of a bottle, which can be used instead.

Step 3: Pick your essential oils. You can either pick your favourite essential oil and just put that in the pendant head, or blend your favourite oil with a few others to create your own special fragrance.

In the photo above, you will see jasmine, rose and neroli. As these are all very fragrant oils with unique smells, any of these can be used alone in your pendant head. However, I personally find using just oil a bit too strong for my liking.

You will also see juniper and grapefruit in the photo above. I recommend the following blend:

12 drops grapefruit, 2 drops juniper berry, 6 drops neroli or jasmine or rose

Depending on your preference, you can make it 7-8 drops of neroli or just 5 drops of rose.

You can also use orange (I prefer bitter orange to sweet orange), bergamot (but do 14-15 drops or so), etc. instead of grapefruit.

You can replace juniper berry with sweet marjoram too, if you prefer that scent.

You might have noticed that I use a lot of floral essential oils… It’s just because of my experience as a female. Floral essential oils seem to be great for women, though of course many many male aromatherapists love them and use them too!

Step 4: If you have chosen to blend some oils, do so in the small beaker by using the tip of the tube thing and swishing the beaker around gently. Squeeze the head of the tube thingy, put the tip onto the blended oils, release the head a bit to suck the oils in, move the tip of the tube thingy into your opened pendant head, then squeeze once more to release all the oils into your pendant head.

Step 5: Put the cap on your pendant head, then hold it in your hand. You need to put healing energy in there. As you exhale slowly, think: Thank you for these oils and the Earth and people who gave them to me, I hope I am happy, I hope I am healthy….

Step 6: Take good care of your pendant! Make sure the cap is on tightly so the oils oxidize as quickly. If the oils start smelling bad, it’s probably either they got too old (and oxidized) or were impacted by negative energy such as anger, fear, sadness, jealousy, greed, hatred, etc. The negative energy could be from you or your surroundings. If it’s negative energy that’s the issue, hold the pendant head in your hand. On a slow exhale, send a feeling of apology to the oils. This will clear the negative energy. Put positive gratitude and other positive feelings inside on another exhale.

If you would like to use the blend as a perfume, you can dab a little onto a wrist, then rub your wrists together. Also, rub your wrists into the lower spot behind you ears where if you press too hard, it hurts a bit.

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