Gargling with essential oils

Apologies that this post is going to be a very quick one.

Previously, I had mentioned brushing teeth with tea tree oil or peppermint oil. At the same time, you can gargle and clean out your throat.

I thought this might be important for people interested in taking care of themselves and preventing corona infection. I try to gargle with essential oils whenever I come back home from a walk, etc. these days.

Basically, take a cup of water. Put a drop of peppermint oil or two drops of tea tree oil in it. Mix with the head of your tooth brush. Gargle, then brush!

I prefer tea tree or peppermint, but some people have suggested using fragonia to me. Personally, I think fragonia probably works better on pets (more on fur, not so much teeth) though… I guess I should include a disclaimer that I don’t have pets, though I volunteer with horses and at an animal shelter!

Have a beautiful evening… don’t forget to send positive thoughts to the corona impacted areas of the world…

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JHAS Certified Aromatherapist

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