Spring cleaning with essential oils

What to do when stuck at home because of a lockdown? Spring clean with essential oils, of course!

Disclaimer: I have no idea if essential oils kill corona viruses, and I doubt there have been any studies on this. I mean, come on, researchers are more focused on finding a vaccine at the moment.

But a lot of essential oils ARE anti-bacterial, they definitely make houses smell fresher and they’re fun!

I like using orange (just put some drops in water or a natural cleaning solution) to clean surfaces like windows. I use orange essence to clean dishes too, though you will find you need some kind of soap for oily dishes.

Tea tree oil works well when washing cutting boards (as well as your teeth). Again, a good disinfectant!

For the toilet and other grimier or smellier areas, I use lemongrass. It’s a great anti-bacterial and quickly clears any bad odours. Again, just put a few drops into water or a natural cleaning solution.

To disinfect the air, I like putting some lemon essence into my electric aromatherapy burner. Sage and basil are great for clearing negative energy, so I use these a lot whenever I move house. And the house in this photo is not mine, by the way! Waaay too big:)

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JHAS Certified Aromatherapist

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