Simple ways to keep health and energy up

1. The weird greenish thing that you see in the photo above is basically a glass water bottle with crystals encased in a separate glass bubble. I’ve seen it called gem water or crystal water.

In essence, the idea is that if you leave water in this bottle for 7 minutes or so, the energy of the crystals is transferred to the water. When you drink that water, it should have positive effects on your energy from the inside.

My bottle is called vitality, and it’s supposed to support my health.

They say, though, that a lot of crystals’ energy needs to be cleared before they can realistically be used. I guess in that way crystals are like people… they respond to love and kindness, but can be hurt by greed, carelessness, neglect, etc.

Some people bathe crystals in water with a couple drops of essential oil, or put them out in sunlight or moonlight for some days / nights. I tend to use lavender or wild sage to clear my crystals, differentiating the oils with the crystals’ innate energy. I think lavender goes better with rose quartz, etc.

2. In the photo above, you can also spot a spray bottle and a small bottle of neroli (orange blossom -one of my favourites). I put crystal water in the glass spray bottle, and add 2-3 drops of neroli, then spray around my head to clear my aura.

I find neroli deeply calming, and it helps me cool down when I feel angry.

I also mix peppermint and lemongrass sometimes, which is a good blend for deodorizing and keeping focused at work.

During this period, spraying yourself with tea tree oil, eucalyptus, juniper berry, or rosemary is a great idea. Helps the immune system, and kills bacteria.

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