Lung care during a time of corona

Other than washing your hands with soap several times a day, disinfecting every surface with alcohol, wearing a mask, and employing social distancing measures, what can you do to prevent getting infected with corona? Or to improve your chances of survival in the unfortunate event that you are infected?

Well, you can start building a healthy set of lungs, like, NOW!

Option 1: Inhalation

Put a pot of boiling water into a bowl. Drop just 1 drop of eucalyptus, rosemary or juniper berry into the bowl. Lean your head over the bowl. Cover your head and the bowl with a towel. Then, just inhale and exhale slowly for 15-20 min or so!

You might want to play some relaxing music in the background. Personally, I love Tony O’Connor, Enya and Marina Raye.

Option 2: Lung healing

Take 0.5 tea spoons of amigel (see photo above). Mix into it a drop of any of the oils above (peppermint, eucalyptus, rosemary, juniper berry). The first three essential oils are stimulating, so probably better for the morning. At night, you can try juniper berry. I’m thinking that cedarwood atlas might work well too, at night. Lavender is good for almost everything under the sun, so that’s another good night-time option. Massage the mixture into your chest area.

As you massage it into your chest area, inhale and exhale. With your exhaling breathe, send out these thoughts into your chest area “May good energy enter my body… May I stay healthy…”

This usually just takes me a few minutes per day.

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