Foot baths and hand baths

In one of my previous entries, I wrote about taking baths with essential oils. But then I realized that not all of us have baths! In Singapore, which is where I live, most people just have a shower. For most of my 10 years here, that has been the case for me as well.

Not to worry! Footbaths are amazing for detoxing you body, improving blood circulation, and helping you de-stress in general. Fill up a footbath tub so that the hot water reaches about 3cm above your ankles or more. Put in a 3-5 drops of essential oil. I personally like a blend of juniper and lavender, juniper and sweet marjoram, or juniper and rosemary. Why so much juniper? It’s great for a detox. I also put in a teaspoon or two of powdery and pure green clay, which speeds up the detoxing process.

I like foot baths because I can do something with my hands as my feet are soaking, but hand baths are great too! I suppose the benefit of a hand bath is that you CAN’T do something with your hands, which means you “have to” meditate. I like clary sage, lavender, juniper berry (yup, here it is again), and even geranium for a hand soak. If your tub is small, then just 2-3 drops of essential oil will do!

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