Choosing which essential oils to buy

This blog is inspired by an Italian friend I made during a natural disaster while traveling in New Zealand. She’s in Italy at this moment, and braving all that entails… (Side note: I really wish Italy a quick recovery from the corona situation…)

Anyways, she wanted to go buy essential oils, and then it made me think: Not all essential oils are created equally. It’s relatively easy to manufacture oils using a lot of chemicals, and they just don’t have the same healing effect on our bodies or our minds as do natural, organic essential oils that have been handled with the utmost care.

So, if you have access and can afford it, aim for essential oils made by plants grown in a region that make sense for that plant (basically, oranges don’t naturally grow well in Antarctica, duh). I go for certified organic. I also really appreciate it when the makers of the oils are ethical, happy people, etc. I think the energy that people put into the oils can make them even more effective, because plants are alive and they respond to emotions, IMHO. At least I think my plant does, LOL!

Good oils are usually packaged in glass bottles that are made of dark glass, as some oils are impacted by sun light.

Also, good oils have this certain… shall I say… transparent quality to their smell? Like, it feels like when I inhale the fragrance of a truly well-made essential oil, the fragrance doesn’t stop just at my nose. It’s like it goes all the way to my brain… Not sure if that makes sense.

And really really good oils seem to change fragrance depending on my mood. When I’ve had a fight with somebody, my lavender starts smelling like laundry detergent, I swear… And my jasmine gets really… sour smelling…

You should also take care as to how you store your essential oils. Room temperature is good, but if the climate you live in tends to get super cold or hot, try to find a room area that tends to stay at a temperature that is comfortable for you to live in. That’s a good place to keep your oils. Also, make sure that the caps are all on tight so the oils don’t oxidize. And they shouldn’t be kept in direct sunlight.

Finally, I’m a strong believer that as my oils are made out of plants, and plants are living things, my oils need appreciation and positive energy every day. So I’m that weird aromatherapist that actually talks to my oils haha… “Thank you for helping me today and everyday,” and so on… But really, just try it! You’re probably stuck at home anyways, right? Might as well…

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